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Quasi Mire

You know when you're visiting a tv studio with your friends, chillin' and cruisin', but suddenly a monster appears?

Huh? What?

Yes, a monster! And he's chasing you! RUN!

Quasi Mir is a runner where we focused on graphics, animations and storytelling. It was inspired by the children's book Le jour du mange-poussin, by Claude Ponti. Quasi Mir was made in two days during the Stun Game Jam 2019!

The team

Julian Ait Cheikh - illustration, background

Anatole Clerc - musique et bruitages

Romain Digue - illustration & animation

Félix Elvis - écriture

Yanis Fourel - développement

Ellen Guyot  - illustration & animation

Ghassane Sebaï & Guilian Ganster - prise son


QuasiMire.zip 25 MB

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